Choose the right luxury paints for your living room

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September 6, 2019

A living room is a carefully thought-through place as it reflects not just your personal style, but often what you are as a person. A lot of luxury paints offer people the option of merging strong colours for a robust effect, so it’s a tad confusing to zero in on one particular shade. At best you could stick to the basic colours available in the best available price.

Here are a few tricks to make your house look your luxurious best at affordable rates.


Take a picture of the current set-up of your living room. Although you may know the placement, a picture would help when you choose to move things about while painting. Check the lighting and other accessories in your living room that can be changed. More often than not, lighting can play a huge role in the entire look of the house. Should you have French windows, try to add lighter drapes or Venetian blinds and strategically place lamp shades.


Black and white:

Black and white is generally the most popular combination for a luxurious finish. White walls with hints of powder blue, subtly dotted with black give a majestic feel.

Off-white and rouge:

A classic colour, off-white enhances the brightness of a living room. Tangerine and mild red hints for side pillows, lampshades or even corner tables can add a bit of grandeur to a boring living room.

Orange and gold:

Another classic combination for the living room. Burnt orange and hints of gold can add a bit of warmth to a room where you entertain guests. Often, a lot of people match this colour with the couch or the furniture to create a roomy feel.

Lemon yellow, citrus and orange:

This can be a bit tricky to implement. The hues when matched in the correct proportion can give the room a lively and luxurious feel.

Grey and gold:

Grey and gold hints, like the white and black combination, can look very classy and inviting. Moreover, you could create a contrast with the rug and the drapes for a clean and bold look.

Mint and pink:

For a softer palette and a soothing feel, mint green and pink are just perfect. Florals can enhance this look as well.

There are several combinations that can make the living room look fabulous. You can make a room look luxurious with combinations set in the right tone.are several combinations that can make the living room look fabulous. You can make a room look luxurious with combinations set in the right tone.

Beige, navy blue and white, for example, has a three tone colour combination that looks super luxurious when matched right.

The same could be said about colours that are in stark contrast with each other. Examples: turquoise, pinks, navy blues, and greys.

Accessories like fresh flowers, side lamps, rugs, book shelves and high ceilings can brighten up this play of combinations.

Plants, too, can make the living room look lively. Home plants that need a little sunshine help in creating the right ambience; much like paintings, photo frames and wall paper.


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