How to design the perfect colour scheme for your house

Written by Team Indigopaints  | Published:
October 1, 2019

It goes without saying that everybody dreams of decorating their house according to their own aesthetics! It is indeed one of the most thrilling phases of one’s life and while you may go through various ideas for decorating your space, one of the ways to go about it is by finalizing a colour scheme.

This article talks all about choosing the perfect color palette!

Although there are various ways to go about finalizing color palettes, it is extremely essential to narrow down the perfect colour scheme. The colour palette you finalize should firstly speak your style and secondly, it should be in sync with the interiors of your home. So let’s explore how do you go about finalizing and designing the perfect colour scheme for your house?

Pick a colour from the largest pattern:

If you are all-ready have most of your furniture and decor items in place and are seeking to sync the space with a colour palette, then we at Indigo Paints recommend picking a colour from the largest pattern of your décor / interiors to design a colour palette.

For Instance: If you have a red centerpiece with some bold bronze décor items, then seek hues that lean towards neutrals and beiges.

Let the colour wheel guide you:

If you are finalising a colour scheme, one of the ways to design for your décor is by letting the colour wheel guide you!

o Colours that are next to each other are known as the analogous colours and they beautifully merge with each other to create a seamless look. Analogous colours blue and green create a serene vibe that’s soothing to the eye. They are perfect for the bedroom and private garden spaces. Similarly, analogous hues such as red, orange and yellow are more vibrant and they are perfect for either a sunroof setting or a living room.

o Colours that are opposite to each other are known as the contrasting hues and they beautifully complement each other. When choosing a contrasting colour palette, you could combine an orange room with blue accents or choose to decorate a room with lavender walls and yellow décor pieces. Our experts at Indigo Paints will tell you this that combining contrasting hues create stunning decors!

When you are finalising a colour palette, one way you could go forward is by choosing an analogous colour palette or by choosing the contrasting hues which is why we at Indigo Paints love to let the colour wheel guide us!

Play with the Gradients:

Once you have zeroed down the colour hues, you could play with its’ gradients to come up with a unique palette! We love colours that pop but are still seamlessly integrated within the décor.

Visualize the Colour Scheme:

This may come across as extremely obvious but while you are designing your colour palette and loving the colour scheme that you have developed for your house, it is very important to take a stall and visualise the colour scheme. It also helps to envision the changes with a fresh perspective and many times, it is best to seek neutral opinions as well.

Include neutral hues for depth:

Our final tip for designing the perfect colour scheme for your house is to always add a couple of neutrals such as black, beige, whites, etc. to your colour palette. Including neutral hues adds depth and helps balance the colour scheme!

We hope these tips helped you in designing your ultimate colour palette!!

We, at Indigo Paints, realize that this is a thrilling phase for you and we would love to turn your vision into a reality!


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