Acrylic Distemper - Gold Series
Available Pack sizes: 1, 2, 5, 10 & 20 kg

Acrylic Distemper (Gold Series)

The Acrylic Distemper gold series is a water-based product best suited for a smooth matt finish for interior walls.


  • Smooth finish
  • Better washability
  • Available in a range of readymade shades and bases
Technical Data Sheet

Surface preparation & application

    1. Allow newly plastered surfaces to mature for a minimum period of 6 months before painting.
    2. For previously painted surfaces, remove all loose and flaking particles, and rub with sand paper. Ensure that the surface is clean and dry.
    3. Apply one coat of Indigo Cement Primer.
    4. After filling up dents with a layer of Indigo Polymer Putty, apply another coat of Indigo Cement primer.
    5. Slowly add water to distemper paste, mixing the contents thoroughly. Normally, 500-600 ml water is required for 1 kg of acrylic distemper paint.
    6. Apply 2-3 coats by brush, roller or spray with an interval of 4-6 hours between coats.

Readymade Colour Combinations