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Dampstop 2K - Waterproofing Solution
Available Pack sizes: 3 & 15 kg

Dampstop 2K

Damp Stop 2K is designed to handle both positive & negative side waterproofing due to its excellent bonding nature and can resist up to 5 bar of positive hydrostatic pressure.


  • Damp Resistance
  • Handles both positive & negative side waterproofing
  • 3-years waterproofing warranty
  • Easy to apply
  • Anti efflorescence and anti fungal
  • Good adhesion on masonry & cementitious surface
Technical Data Sheet
Warranty Booklet

Surface preparation & application

    1. The surface must be strong & stable and fully cured. Surface cracks less than 3mm must be filled with Indigo Crack Heal Paste.
    2. If cracks are bigger then use a mixture of cement and fine sand in the ratio 1:3 by volume. Prior to application the surface must be in dry condition. In case of efflorescence the cement plaster must be removed up to the brick level.
    3. Add powder to liquid (2 parts of powder to 1 part of liquid) and slowly mix manually / slow speed mechanical mixing until a homogenous free flowing, lump free slurry is obtained.
    4. Keep the slurry undisturbed for 5-6 minutes to release any entrapped air. Apply the slurry by brush or roller over the masonry / brick surface.
    5. Allow 6-8 hours drying time. For best results, apply the second coat perpendicular to the first coat & allow to dry for 6-8 hours. In case Dampstop 2K is being appled on bricks, it will require an overlay of cementitious screed within 24-48 hours.
    6. Also it is essential to allow Dampstop 2K / the overlay screed to cure for a period of 3-5 days to ensure full cement hydration.

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