Acrylic Wall Putty - Gold Series
Available Pack sizes: 1, 5, 10 and 20 kg

Acrylic Wall Putty

For providing the smooth finish to rough interior and exterior walls, asbestos sheets and brickwork we have on offer Indigo Polymerl Putty gold series. It is based on white cement, re-dispersible polymer, and functional additives that give the product properties like top-notch adhesion and compressive strength.


  • Extra smooth finish
  • Excellent adhesion strength with wall & paint
  • Fast drying
Technical Data Sheet

Surface preparation & application

    1. Sand the surface with Emery Paper 180. Wipe clean with soft cloth.
    2. Apply a coat of Indigo Water Thinnable Cement Primer. Allow 6-8 hours for drying.
    3. Smoothen the surface by filling cracks with thin coats of Indigo Acrylic Wall Putty and allow 4-6 hours to dry.
    4. Sand with Emery Paper 180 and wipe clean. Apply another coat of primer. Sand the surface with Emery Paper 320.

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