Acrylic Wall Putty - Gold Series
Available Pack sizes: 1, 5, 10 and 20 kg

Acrylic Wall Putty

A water-based matt finish putty for interiors, it provides a durable foundation and brings out the best from your paint in terms of looks and durability. Ideal for cement plasters, asbestos sheets and concrete.


  • Extra smooth finish
  • Excellent adhesion strength with wall & paint
  • Fast drying

Surface preparation & application

    1. Sand the surface with Emery Paper 180. Wipe clean with soft cloth.
    2. Apply a coat of Indigo Water Thinnable Cement Primer. Allow 6-8 hours for drying.
    3. Smoothen the surface by filling cracks with thin coats of Indigo Acrylic Wall Putty and allow 4-6 hours to dry.
    4. Sand with Emery Paper 180 and wipe clean. Apply another coat of primer. Sand the surface with Emery Paper 320.

Readymade Colour Combinations