Available Pack sizes: 1, 4, 10 & 20 L

Francoat Premium Floor Coat Paint

Francoat Premium Floor Coat Emulsion is designed exclusively to protect interlock tiles, cement surfaces, walkways, driveways, and terrace floors. It comes with abrasion resistance and high adhesion strength and is formulated to handle residential vehicular and human traffic while keeping the floors free from algae and fungus growth.


  • Semi-gloss finish
  • Anti-algae & Anti-fungal formulation
  • Non-fading colours
  • Washable finish

Surface preparation & application

    1. Wash surface with a hose to remove loose dust and scrub with wire brush to remove algae, fungus and moss growth.
    2. After diluting the emulsion with 30-40% water, apply a self-priming coat.
    3. Wait 6-7 hours, then add 2 coats of Francoat Premium Floor Coat Emulsion after thinning with water to obtain brushable consistency.
    4. Do not allow traffic for 48 hours, until the paint becomes hard.

Readymade Colour Combinations