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Primer Surfacer - White Cement
Available Pack sizes: 20 kg

Primer Surfacer

Primer Surfacer is a primer made of white cement used primarily prior to coating masonry surfaces with cement paint. Cleaning up the surface and making it dirt-free is a key aspect for using the Primer Surfacer on interior or exterior.


  • Economical priming for plastered surfaces
  • Ideal for application before cement paint coating

Surface preparation & application

    1. Clean surface thoroughly with a stiff wire brush, to free it from dirt and algae. Wash or brush down previously painted surfaces.
    2. Remove flakes or powder by scraping or wire-brushing.
    3. Saturate the surface with clean water several times and allow excess water to disappear.
    4. Mix equal parts of cement paint and water, by volume, and apply the first coat with long hair brush.
    5. Cure with water after 6-8 hours.
    6. Apply the second coat 24 hours after the application of the first coat, and again cure with water after 6 hours. Two coats of Primer Surfacer are sufficient for most surfaces.
    7. Do not use saline water for mixing or for curing. Do not use waterproofing compounds either as a base coat, an additive or a top coat.
    8. Restrict the use of blue, pink and green shades to interiors as they are liable to fleet on exterior applications.
    9. Avoid using dark shades over large unrelieved areas. Do not apply cement paints on non-absorbent surfaces such as glazed bricks or previously painted enamel work.

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