Knifing Paste Filler - Silver Series
Available Pack sizes: 500 g, 1, 2, 5 and 20 kg

Knifing Paste Filler

Indigo Paints Knifing Paste Filler is an alkyd-based putty, ideal for levelling metal and wooden surfaces.


  • Easy to apply
  • Excellent filling property

Surface preparation & application

    1. Clean the surface to be puttied of rust, dirt, loose material, grease and wax.
    2. Use either Indigo Wood or Metal primer, based on the surface.
    Metal surfaces: Apply Indigo Knifing Paste Filler Grey using a putty knife to even out dents on the sheet metal, and blowholes on the casting, before the finish paint is applied. Wooden surfaces:
    1. Apply Indigo Knifing Paste Filler White with a putty knife on a primed surface and fill up wood grains before the finish paint is applied.
    2. If thick filling is needed, apply two or more thin layers.
    3. Smoothen the puttied surface with abrasive paper grit 320 before application of the finish coat.
    4. If thinning of Knifing Paste Filler is required, use only general purpose thinner.

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