Multi Colour Emulsion
Available Pack sizes: 1 L

Multi Colour Emulsion

Indigo Multi Colour Emulsion is an easy to use effective finish. It is suitable for interior & exterior walls and contains individual flecks of different colours that create an illusion of depth and texture of nature stones.


  • Value for money

Surface preparation & application

    1. Seal cracks with a 1:3 mixture of cement and sand.
    2. Use of Indigo Polymer Putty is highly recommended.
    3. For newly plastered surfaces allow 3 months prior curing.
    4. Apply one coat of Indigo Exterior or Interior primer depending on the surface of the wall.
    5. Apply 2 coats of Indigo Interior Emulsion (Bronze or Silver Series) or Indigo Exterior Emulsion Gold Series in the preferred background colour.
    6. This will form the base on which Multi Colour Emulsion can be applied.
    7. Use 2 coats to provide the right opacity and finish.
    8. Apply 1 coat of Indigo Multi Colour Emulsion by roller, brush or spray and allow to dry for 12 hours.
    9. For better finish and durability, can be topcoated using Indigo Stone & Tile Clear Glossy/Matt.

Readymade Colour Combinations