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Available Pack sizes: 1, 4, 10 & 20 L

Bright Ceiling Paint (Platinum Series)

Ceiling Coat platinum series is a one-of-a-kind matt finish paint that is designed to brighten up your ceilings. It helps to highlight the vibrant colours on your walls and make your living spaces look spacious and airy. Available as a matt finish it also helps hide imperfections, if any, on your ceilings


  • Excellent brightness & whiteness
  • Matt finish
  • Hides ceiling imperfections
  • Highlights vibrant wall colours
  • Washability High
Technical Data Sheet


Surface preparation & application

    1. Sand the surface with sandpaper 180 and wipe clean
    2. Apply a coat of Indigo Primer and allow 6-8 hours for drying.
    3. Smoothen surface by filling dents with thin coats of Indigo Acrylic Wall Putty.
    4. Dry again for 6-8 hours and sand the surface with Emery paper 180. Wipe off loose particles.
    5. Apply another coat of primer and dry for 4-6 hours.
    6. Sand with Emery paper 380 and wipe clean.
    7. Thin 1 litre of Indigo Bright Ceiling Coat with 200-350 ml water. Apply with brush, roller or conventional/airless spray.
    8. Use 2 coats to provide the right opacity and finish.

Readymade Colour Combinations