Self Priming Epoxy Enamel
Available Pack sizes: 500 ml, 1 & 4 L

Self Priming Epoxy Enamel

Self Priming Epoxy Enamel is two-in-one single pack epoxy system that functions as a primer & topcoat. The easy-to-use coating keeps metal surfaces protected in adverse climatic conditions.


  • Easy to use
Technical Data Sheet

Surface preparation & application

    1. Ensure that the surface to be painted is free of dust, grease and loose particles
    2. Sand the surface with sandpaper 180 and wipe clean
    3. Corroded areas should be cleaned using power tool to remove loose rust
    4. Wipe clean with turpentine
    5. Dents and imperfections can be filled using appropriate fillers
    6. Apply two coats of Indigo Self Priming Epoxy Enamel after thinning 1 litre with 50-100 ml of PU Thinner for brushing consistency or 100-200 ml of PU Thinner for spraying consistency
    7. Keep a time interval of 6-8 hours between coats

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