How Do You Paint Wood?

Plywood surfaces usually have a rough and harsh look unless they have a veneer finish on them. They are naturally less attractive when compared to other surfaces.

What is the difference between metal primer and wood primer?

To make your finished walls and surfaces look perfect after paint application, it is essential to use a primer. They are a particular variety of paint devoid of any pigment that acts as a foundation for the actual layer of paint to adhere to.

What are the types of wood finishes?

Wood is a material that is found in abundance at every home. But are those wooden surfaces showing signs of ageing? A simple coat of finish can make them look brand new and help them regain a hold on their losing strength and durability.

How do you apply enamel paint to wood?

Enamel Paints are highly practical and come with a lot of benefits. It is apt for painting surfaces that are subject to regular wear and tear or furniture items built for outdoor usage.

Tips to protect your furniture using a wood coating

We don’t even realise how our furniture has become an integral part of our lives. The relaxed face when you fall on your sofa after work or the dining table where the entire family sits and enjoys food. It has so many memories attached to it. So why take it for granted? Why not care for it?