Things to remember before selecting a wall putty

Buying a new home? Or renovating your home? Along with the tile changes, and choosing the right wallpapers and the items of furniture, a very important aspect that comes to a homeowner’s or an interior designer’s mind is the house paint. Many house owners believe that selecting the right colour of paint is the most critical when it comes to painting their house.

Tips to apply exterior wall primer

Exterior wall primer is a crucial preparatory coating usually applied on all surfaces before the application of wall paint. Be it improved adhesion of pain or extra protection to the surface, applying a coat of wall primer has various advantages.

What is acrylic putty?

How can your interior walls stay smooth and crack-free for years? The answer lies with Acrylic Putty. Just bring home this wall putty, apply it on the walls before painting them, and voila! Your walls are flawlessly levelled and ready to be painted.

What is interior wall primer?

An age-old question plaguing those seeking to get their walls a makeover is whether to use a wall primer or not, more so if they are interior walls.

What is exterior wall primer?

Beautiful outside, beautiful inside. This should be your motto while taking care of your house. It’s not the interior only that matters, but also the outside. The exterior of your house is equally important and should not be overlooked and neglected.