4 Simple Ways to Make Small Spaces Appear Big

Need to give a modest place some flair? Check out these tips for simple yet elegant home decor. Everything matters when furnishing compact areas. We can make a space appear larger with a few strategically placed things and clever design decisions. The use of colour psychology, furniture layout, mirror placement, and inventive lighting design can fool the eye and give the impression that a space is much larger than its actual dimensions.

7 Trendy Ceiling Paint Combinations For Your Home

Painting a house can turn out to be expensive. We are often confused after knowing we cannot use the same paint for the ceiling and the interior and exterior walls. So, one might wonder how different can these paints be and if we can use the wall paint for the ceiling because it makes up only one-sixth of the room.

How to Make Your Home Monsoon Ready?

The season of Monsoon is the harbinger of joy in India. After months of scorching heat and blazing sun, the first droplets of water that fall from the sky bring respite for everyone