PU Super Gloss Enamel

Indigo PU (Polyurethane) based Super Gloss Enamel is an all surface solvent based enamel that protects your wood and metal. It is designed to keep interior & exterior surfaces beautiful for long with better Non-yellowing property compared to traditional synthetic based enamels. Surface Preparation & Application: Wipe the surface clean to make it free from

Satin Enamel

Indigo Satin Enamel is an alkyd based enamel that can be applied on diverse surfaces like wood, metal and concrete. It comes with a soft sheen finish. Indigo Satin Enamel offers clean colors and is available in a range of shades. It can also be applied on exterior surfaces. Surface Preparation & Application: Wipe the

S T Metal Primer

Indigo Paints ST Metal Primer is a value for money alkyd based metal primer used as an undercoat for ferrous metal surfaces. Surface Preparation & Application: Stir contents thoroughly. Clean the surface to be painted by removing all loose particles, grease, dirt, rust etc. Apply one coat of ST Metal primer. Allow to dry for

S T Wood Primer

Indigo Paints Solvent Thinnable (ST) Wood Primer is a synthetic resin based undercoat specially designed to protect wood. It provides excellent adhesion to the substrate by penetrating into the wood fibre and forms a sound base for application of the topcoat. Surface Preparation & Application: Sand the surface using abrasive paper grit no.180 and wipe