Stone & Tile Top Coat

Gold Series
Available Packsize:

1 & 4 L

Indigo Stone & Tile Topcoat is a single pack solvent based clear coat, available in both matt & glossy finish, for natural stone and tiles. It is based on clear acrylics, giving the film a long lasting good look. It has excellent water and alkali resistance and is also resistant to stains. This product is designed for vertical walls and areas with light traffic.

Surface Preparation & Application:

The substrate to be applied must be free of dust, efflorescence, grease, foam release oils and similar contaminants. Clean the surface thoroughly using a stiff brush and wash with clean water to remove algae growth if any. Allow it to dry completely and then clean with turpentine. If the surface is smooth, roughen the surface by sanding the surface using emery / sand paper grit No.180. Remove all dust and clean the surface using turpentine. Apply 2 coats of Indigo Stone & Tile Topcoat directly without thinning, with a time interval of 3-4 hours between coats.

  • Excellent water & alkali resistance
  • Easy to use
  • Resistant to algae & stain
  • Can be tinted using universal machine colourants

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