Sleek XT Exterior Two Pack Clear PU

Sleek Wood Finish
Available Packsize:

1 L

Sleek-XT Polyurethane (PU) System comprising of sealer and topcoat offer complete protection and retain natural beauty of exterior joinery like doors, windows and other woodwork. It forms a non-yellowing film that also resists the adverse effects caused on the wooden surface by uLaviolet rays, rain and humidity.

Surface Preparation & Application:

Sand the wooden substrate along the grains, sequentially, with abrasive paper from grit numbers 80 to 180. The dust, dirt that comes out during the sanding process should be totally removed. We recommend applying 1-2 coats of Sleek Base Colour for extending the life of the topcoat and preventing photo-degradation of wood. Apply 2 coats of Sleek XT 2 pack PU Sealer, after mixing base and hardener in the ratio 8:1 (by volume) by brush / spray. Allow 6-8 hours drying time. Sand using abrasive paper grit no. 320 and wipe clean.
Apply 2 coats of Sleek XT 2 pack PU Topcoat by brush / spray, after mixing base & hardener in the ratio 8:1 (by volume) with 6-8 hours drying time between coats. Inter-coat sanding using abrasive paper grit number 400. Allow to dry overnight after second coat.

  • Aliphatic isocyanate cured
  • Superior water & UV resistance
  • Non-yellowing paint film
  • Available in glossy & matt & silk-matt finishes

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