Sleek XT Basecoat with UV filter

Sleek Wood Finish
Available Packsize:

1 & 20 L

Sleek Base is a basecoat for exterior woodwork with translucent pigments and anti-fungal properties that protect the surface, from harsh effects of Sunlight, rain and Fungal attack, at the same time add to its beauty. It is available in 14 natural wood colours that add depth to the substrate. Sleek Base increases the life of all types of clear topcoats for exterior. It also provides protection against warping/cracking of wood.

Surface Preparation & Application:

Sand the wooden substrate along the grains, sequentially, with abrasive paper from grit numbers 80 to 180. The dust, dirt that comes out during the sanding process should be totally removed.
Apply 1-2 coats of Sleek Base colour. Allow 48 hours drying time. Sand gently using a scrub pad to remove any dust that may have settled on the paint film. Apply second coat. After drying Sleek Base can be over-coated using appropriate topcoat for longer life.

  • Protects wood from harmful UV rays and prevents discoloration / photo-degradation
  • Penetrates into wood & prevents fungal attack
  • Allows movement in wood and ensures dimensional stability
  • Available in clear & 14 natural colours of wood.

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