Sleek Wood Stain

Sleek Wood Finish
Available Packsize:

100, 500ml

Sleek Interior Wood stain is a penetrating stain based on complex dyes dissolved in fast evaporating solvents. The wood stain has to be topcoated using an appropriate lacquer to give long lasting appearance for years to come.

Surface Preparation & Application:

Sand the wooden substrate along the grains, sequentially, with abrasive paper from grit numbers 80 to 180. The dust, dirt that comes out during the sanding process should be totally removed.
Apply 1-2 coats of Sleek Interior Wood stain by rag cloth, spray or brush depending on the depth of colour required. Allow 30 minutes drying time. Sleek Wood stain must be over-coated using appropriate topcoat for longer life.

  • Easy to use
  • Fast drying
  • High concentration

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