Sleek Anti Termite Solution

Sleek Wood Finish
Available Packsize:

250ml, 500ml, 1 & 3 L

Indigo Sleek Anti-Termite Solution is a clear wood preservative designed to penetrate wood and kill termites as well as other wood boring insects resulting in long lasting protection.

Surface Preparation & Application:

Remove all dust and wipe the surface clean using NC Thinner or Mineral Turpentine
Apply one coat of Sleek Anti-Termite solution by brush/spray/muslin cloth. You can also use injection method for better penetration.Allow 12 hours drying time.
You can apply more coats, if necessary, depending on the severity of the attack.

  • Designed to function both as Pre & Post treatment wood preservative
  • Kills termites on contact
  • Eco-friendly & easy to use
  • Mixes with oil based primers & paints

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