Bright Ceiling Coat

Platinum Series
Available Packsize:

1, 4, 10 & 20 L

Indigo Bright Ceiling Coat is a revolutionary new concept in paint, designed exclusively for the Ceiling in your room. With its BRIGHT WHITE feature, It provides an excellent contrast to the coloured walls in your room. It is an excellent reflector of light, and hence enhances the brightness level in your room. It has the right level of sheen, specially suited for a Ceiling.

Surface Preparation & Application:

Sand the surface with Emery paper 180 and wipe clean. Apply a coat of Indigo Paints Primer, allow drying for 6-8 hours. Smoothen the surface by filling dents with thin coats of Indigo Acrylic Wall Putty. After drying for 6-8 hours, sand the surface with Emery paper 180. Wipe off loose particles. Apply another coat of primer. Allow drying for 4-6 hrs. Sand the surface with Emery paper 380 and wipe clean. Thin 1 litre of Indigo Bright Ceiling Coat with 200-350 ml water. It can be applied by brush or roller or conventional / airless spray. Normally 2 coats of paint are sufficient for complete opacity and desired finish.

  • Excellent Brightness & Whiteness
  • Matt finish
  • Hides ceiling imperfections
  • Highlights vibrant colours of walls

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