Our Philosophy

Setting new work strategies, innovative product development and market research fundamentals, while keeping the spirit of wonderment intact, Indigo Paints has stood out in a class of its own from its fellow competitors.

The ability to innovate and provide surprising results and never-thought-of approaches for deeper understanding of market insights has been the key differentiator.

Brand Indigo stands for unexpected solutions to painting needs

Indigo’s products reflect this philosophy completely:

  • India’s first Metallic paint, which gives a unique look to your walls
  • India’s first Floor Coat paint, which can withstand any vehicular traffic
  • Unique Ceiling Coat paint, for brighter and whiter ceilings
  • First-of-its-kind Tile Coat paint for roofs, which gives an excellent glossy look
  • Eco-friendly Water-based Enamels with a super glossy finish


The Indigo brand identity

The identity has two parts:

(a) A visual: a zebra with multi-coloured stripes, instead of just black and white ones, to dramatize the ‘unexpected’ nature of the brand’s solutions.



(b) A brand line that succinctly sums up what the brand stands for.

textIndigo (1)



Indigo Logo

Indigo Logo New2 IndigoBeSurprised


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