Decor Ideas

It complements!

Colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel are considered to be complementary colors (example: red and green).                                                     Top tip Complementary colors high in contrast and look

Colours of Harmony!

Just like harmony exists in nature, good music, poetry etc. using harmonious colour combinations creates visual experiences that are pleasing to the eye and mind.                                                     Top tip It helps

Themes to make your room look large

White is just right! A room, which is super White, will clear your mind and make you feel a lot fresh and lighter. White reflects the light while fading the walls and thus making a space seem larger. Some whites are in shades of blue, some are pink or green, but this range of Indigo

Hide Imperfections and Flaws

Flaws and imperfections on old walls can be a real blemish in a well-set room. However, creative painting techniques if used, are an easier way to deal with flawed surfaces. Use paint to compensate for poor architectural details while using bold colours to distract the eye and create something unique. Even if the walls look

Made for Each Other

  It is believed that a person’s bedroom is a mirror image of their personality. Colour schemes for bedrooms establish the correct mood for us to relax. Your sun sign provide a good guideline to choose the right palette of colours that will provide you with the right energy. Find out which colors are in

Colours that Add Drama

Indigo Paints helps you create a wide range of Interior Emulsion colours that can make any room distinctive and memorable. Some colours can sound exciting but can put you in a doubt about the final outcome. Just in case you are thinking of taking the plunge, here is some advice on using colors for rooms: